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What is Magenta?

An open source research project exploring the role of machine learning as a tool in the creative process.

What's new?

Autoregressive long-context music generation with Perceiver AR
We generate music with clear long-term coherence and structure in both symbolic and audio domains, by attending to inputs spanning up to several minutes. Read the blog post.
DDSP-VST: Neural Audio Synthesis for All
DDSP-VST is a neural audio synthesizer for your digital audio workstation, powered by DDSP. Read the blog post.
MIDI-DDSP: Detailed Control of Musical Performance via Hierarchical Modeling
We show a hierarchical extension of DDSP to use note and expressive performance conditioning. Read the blog post.
Paint With Music
Turn your paint brush into musical instruments and compose on sensorial canvases! Read the blog post.
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